IDW’s Transformers “Dark Cybertron” crossover to kick off in October

IDW’s October Solicitations show the massive Transformers crossover event ‘Dark Cybertron’ kicking off across three separate titles.


Click to enlarge

Here’s the blurb for part one,

“THE END OF EVERYTHING! SHOCKWAVE makes a move millions of years in the planning—an ultimate plan to remake Cybertron and destroy both the Autobots and Decepticons! Bringing together the casts of the hit MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE and ROBOTS IN DISGUISE for the first time in two years!”

The crossover will run through the following titles in October;

Transformers: Dark Cybertron #1 (part 1)
Transformers: More Then Meets The Eye #23 (part 2), and
Transformers: Robots in Disguise #23 (part 3)

Any other Transformers fans out there as excited as me about this?


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