BCP Interview – Tanya Roberts

Artwork from Forgotten Muse.

Artwork from Forgotten Muse.

Recently Team BCP took to GCC ’13 to not only experience all the ‘con festivities but also wherever to grab some new content for you guys. Sometimes though, these two motivations meet and we come across an exhibitor or a panel that ticks both of these boxes.

Edinburgh based artist Tanya Roberts’ appearance was one of these occasions, and – as a fan of all things green and ninja – we had previously I wanted to cover her masterclass at the con in some way.  Sadly due to conflicting schedules we weren’t able to this, but luckily we did manage to arrange an interview with her.

Here’s what she had to say…

TNMT cover art by Tanya.

TNMT cover art by Tanya.

Big Comic Page: First off, tell us a little about yourself and where might we have seen your work before?

Tanya Roberts: I’m Tanya Roberts, I live in Edinburgh, grew up in Africa and yeah, interesting life and stuff. You MAY have seen my work in Star Wars: Clone Wars, Toy Story by Boom! Studios, Strawberry Shortcake by Ape entertainment and TMNT by IDW.

BCP: Your style is very cartoon-like. Is there any inspiration in this or do you just do what feels natural to you?

TR: I’m a failed animator!

Ha, kinda kidding, I did a HND in Classical animation and that was 10 years ago, when I got outta college there were NO jobs so I fell back to the next best thing: Comics. I just wanted to draw and do what I want, and comics help you do that

BCP: What’s it like to draw many peoples childhood favorites like the Turtles and Star Wars?

TR: Hey, they’re my favorite childhood characters too, continuing with still being my favorite. I have alot of fun drawing them but I only realize when other people come up to me at conventions or stop by my web pages that other people like it too. Which is neat!

BCP: Who’s your favorite character to draw and why?

TR: Actually my favorite character to draw is a little guy called 6 from a film called ‘9’ by Shane Acker. He is adorable and makes me feel awesome whenever I draw him. I don’t get paid for it I just draw him cause I love to.

BCP: Tell us a bit about the techniques you use?

TR: I draw everything traditionally and I use technical pencils to draw the outlines (pink, if you must know) then I ink straight over it, bring it into photoshop where I remove those pink lines, then color. It takes a lot longer than it sounds but it all needs to take that long for people to believe it.

BCP: You’ve written and drawn Forgotten Muse. What’s the back story to this comic?

TR: I get a lot of crap scripts handed my way, really, some of them are just awful, so I thought ‘hey, I’ll bet I could write better than the worst of this.’ I like it buuut it’s my baby and my first piece, so I would say that.

To what the actual comic is about: A muse grows increasingly frustrated about not gaining the attention of his guy he’s supposed to be inspiring, he’s more interested in playing video games and watching TV. So it’s just a story of him coming to terms with the fact that it’s his fault and how he wins his guy back.

BCP: And finally, Do you have anything else in the works just now?

TR: I’m working with an independent writer working on a series of comics being published at the moment. It’s called ‘Hamsterpunk’ and it’s super fun!

If you would like to hear more about upcoming projects from Tanya then please visit here website at,On Deviant Art or the Forgotten Muse Facebook .

The writer of this piece was:

Greg Watt
Article: Top 5 (Prev: Casting Couch)
Greg can also be caught on Facebook

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