BCP Birthday – Amy Adams (39)

20130820-101722.jpgIt’s time for the first of two BCP birthdays, and we’re getting things rolling with Lois Lane herself, Amy Adams (39).

While there’s no denying her acting abilities (as proven in films like The Master, Sunshine Cleaning, etc.) it has to be said that her portrayal of Lois in Man of Steel felt a little… flat. At least in my opinion, anyway. And with a certain Dark Knight set to take his share of the spotlight in the upcoming sequel, it’s a safe bet that the character is going to find herself pushed even further into the background in the future.

So here’s the question…

Lois Lane in Man of Steel… too little, too much, or just enough?

Sound off, people.

1 Comment on BCP Birthday – Amy Adams (39)

  1. Speak for yourself. I thought Amy was a breath of humanity in a film with a very weak script. She played Lois as a relentless, serious journalist with compassion. The whole movie was flat but that had nothing to do with the actors. The script had zero moments of levity or joy or humor or emotional exploration. The script was weak. The actors did the best they could.

    Too little Lois Lane. She deserves to be front and center in the sequel and not pushed aside for another man. I like Batman but I’m sick and tired of this male-centric crap from WB.

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