Damian: Son of Batman delves deeper into the world of Batman #666


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We have a little more information about DC’s upcoming Damian: Son of Batman four-issue mini series, set to kick off in October.

The series, which continues the themes and characters introduced back in Batman #666, will be written and illustrated by Damien’s co-creator Andy Kubert.

It will delve deeper into the dark future touched on in Batman #666, and provide more insight into just how Damien turned into the violently aggressive Batman we saw in Morrison’s dystopian future.

Kubert also confirmed that the story isn’t actually a response to fans’ outcry over Damien’s death, but in fact had already been plotted and written all the way back in 2008.

So what do you think? Is this a story you feel needs telling? Is it something that’s going to interest you, and are you concerned about DC trusting such a popular alternate future to Kubert, an artist without much in the way of writing credentials?

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