Greg’s Top 5 – Superhero Soundtracks

TOP5Doing Things a bit different this week, I now present you my Top 5 – Superhero Soundtracks.

5. Iron Man 2 (AC/DC)

Ironman 2!
Only Tony would be so cool as to rock his own entrance music, but nothing suits this BAMF better than a little AC/DC. But even later on in the film, we have James Brown and the epic mash-up from DJ AM.

4. Blade (Various)

Tempo matching the pace of the film beautifully, listen to this and tell me it doesn’t get you blood popping

3. Superman (John Williams)

No offence to Hans Zimmer for his Man of Steel score but this will always be the song you associate with the man in blue. The whole score just lifts you up and makes you feel so happy, it matches how you would react to Superman.

2. Kick Ass (Various)

Kick Ass! This track is from the score by Henry Jackman & John Murphy, the score itself is brilliant, then you have the tracks, The Dickies “Banana Splits”, The Prodigy “Stand Up and “Bad Reputation”. An outstanding sound track but not quite good enough for number 1 spot

1. Batman (Prince / Danny Elfman)

Tim Burton’s Batman with Prince and Danny Elfman, late 80s awesomeness and blends perfectly with the film. Nolans trilogy may have a more epic score but this beats it every day of the week to my ears!

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Greg_AvatarGreg Watt
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