Samii’s Thought of the Week: Arkham Origins UK vs. US collector’s edition

Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Batmannn!

Everyone is waiting in anticipation for Arkham Origins to hit shelves. Every new trailer that gets released achieves thousands of views in a couple of minutes, and every bit of news gets everyone screaming on message boards. It really is going to be an excellent game, and I honestly can’t wait for it.
Photos of the Collectors Edition of this game have been released and looks like you get quite a bit of juicy extras in it. The Joker statue that is an impressive piece of kit on its own! It’s nine inches tall, 13 inches wide, and has LED light television screens on the back of it. Offt! It also comes with a glow in the dark map of Gotham City which is pretty sweet, along with a feature length documentary about DC Comics most terrifying villains which is narrated by Christopher Lee.

You think that’s amazing and you want a piece of that action? Well sadly, this bundle is only available in America, Australia, and New Zealand. The UK are getting a different collectors edition, which has many of the same things in it, apart from The epic Joker statue. It instead has a twelve inch statue of Batman holding the Joker off a building. This statue is still pretty awesome looking, but compared to what the Americans are getting, it seems a little sad looking. Don’t get me wrong, at £80 its a steal, but looking at all the DVD extras and statue, I feel a little hard done by.

What do you guys think, do you prefer the UK or American Collector’s Edition
? Will you be going out your way to buy it and get it shipped over?

The new trailer has also been released for Arkham Origins and reveals a few more of the eight assassins in the story, including Firefly. But is The Joker actually working for Black Mask or will he be in his own world? I believe this is the case because the developers have already confirmed that many of the villains in the game won’t be in the assassin team. It will be interesting to actually see who is in the team and who will just run out at you from nowhere still trying to kill you.

So my question for you is; Out of all of characters revealed so far, who do you think are in the league of eight assassins and who do you think will be in their own missions? There has been no word about Talia al Ghul yet, but I’m excited to see if she is one of the assassins and what comes out from that.

The game will be released in the UK on the 25th of October, but Sony have recently announced that the PS4 will be coming out on the 29th of November. I’m still going to buy Arkham Origins, but maybe they should have made it a PS4 and XBOX One release if they knew that it was going to be released so close to the console release dates.

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