Samii’s Thought of the Week: Let’s do an artist switcharoo!

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Recently I have been Indulging myself with Chew, written by John Layman. It’s such a good story that I can’t believe I haven’t read before. If you haven’t read it before I suggest it, it’s bizarre but brilliant. I’m only on issue four just now but will let you know how I get on..

But anyway, one of the main things I love is the artwork of this comic. I looked into the artist, being one Rob Guillory, and began researching his other work. I found out something strange on my journeys through the interwebs, and that is that he has only inked for Chew from what I could tell. This disappointed me because I think he has such a talent and makes gorgeous art, so would have thought that he would’ve been snapped up to do another title.

I pondered for a while, and as my mind wanders I thought about how it would be cool to see him draw for a comic that is already out. My main thought was wanting to see his take on another darker title like Night of the Living Dead or Crossed, or maybe even go to a completely different spectrum and see how he would compete with an Avengers or Justice League one-shot. Also, how different would Chew be if another artist drew for it, like maybe Jim Lee. How would that affect the overall feel of the comic?

This got me wondering about you guys, is there someone you would love to draw on one of your favourite comics, or maybe you think an artist would be perfect for a story. Or maybe you just have a favourite artist and want to talk about how awesome they are then Let me know in the comments.

Stay shiny,

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