Stuff and Thing: Pryde of the X-Men’s Aussie Wolverine

wopryAs promised this weeks a double sized portion of ranting and rambling as I managed to fail spectacularly at scheduling my post last week.

Let’s jump straight into the deep end and get the show rolling!

Batfleck happened! Yes Ben Affleck was cast as the dark knight in the 2015 sequel to Man of Steel. The internet exploded and rightly so. While I don’t really have any beef with Affleck, he’s just not the guy I woulda pictured as Batman. With this in mind, we all (don’t lie we all did) bitched and moaned about Heath Ledger when he was announced as the Joker and Michael Keaton got all kinds of hate mail before playing Batman (not from me that time, I was like 6 or somethin’) and both ended up playing definitive roles and turned in outstanding performances. The question is, Would they have been so awesome if they didn’t get the motivation (see fanboy rage etc) prior to filming. With that in mind, I openly challenge Ben Affleck to prove me wrong.
We also got some other random castings this week with James Spader confirmed to play (the voice of I guess) Ultron in Avengers 2. I see this working REALLY well considering he’s awesome at put downs (see the Office) and for a robot that believes itself to be superior to all mere fleshy beings, I imagine he’ll nail it.
Bradley Cooper was also confirmed to voice Rocket Raccoon. Again I see this working really well but it’s strange casting considering he has the look to play an actual physical part. I see this as being a move by very smart management for Mr Cooper as I’m willing to bet Rocket Raccoon being the big selling character of next summer and he’ll no doubt receive royalties for his voice featuring on all sorts of toys/video games etc.

Lately I’ve felt the current run of Deadpool has been ridiculously underrated and already had the discussion earlier with another BCP admin. This run has been freakin awesome so far! The dead presidents story line was like Deadpool being thrown into the Ghostbusters, he exploded an elephant, he cut his way out of a giant Godzilla monster, he punched Abe Lincoln in the face, he referenced Pantera, Quoted the Princess bride, Fought in a pro wrestling match AND STILL managed to save the world without receiving a lick of credit. If you ain’t reading this series your really missing out.

And finally;

The year was 1989, The X-Men made their first television appearance in the animated feature “Pryde of the X-Men”.

Wolverine…….was Australian………WHAT…..THE…..FUCK!

At the time I saw it I loved it but when you go back and compare it to the vastly superior 90’s series well it’s a bit too campy and not even in a funny Adam West as Batman kinda way.

The animation was off the scale though having been done by Toei Animation but the portrayal of ALL the characters was way off the mark, Wolverine being an overly stereotypical Aussie rather than, y’know, BEING CANADIAN for some reason he also didn’t like water. Did they think he was the Tazmanian devil or something?

The show was clearly done to capitalise on the popular Konami arcade game at the time and featured almost the same cast and costumes from the game. This is probably why it feels a little thrown together rather than being a fully fleshed out series.

On the plus side it is still pretty funny (for all the wrong reasons mind) and the animation still looks good by today’s standards.

I’d say it’s worth checking out just for the lulz but like I said, it falls way short of the awesomeness that was the 90’s animated series.

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