Ceej Says… Pulling Power (4th Sept2013)

Is it Tuesday again already?  Well, there’s a lot of exciting releases set to hit the shelves tomorrow, and simple comic fans like ourselves can sometimes end up feeling a little overwhelmed with just what to spent their hard-earned pennies on.  Fortunately though, I’m here to give you guys a little nudge in the right direction.

You’re welcome ;)

So without any further ado, let’s get this show on the road with…

supSuperior Foes of Spider-Man #3

Quite possibly the most gloriously self-aware and witty comic to hit the shelves since Hawkguy, Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber look set to continue their start to the gloriously Spiderman-free “tie in”.  If you’re not on the bandwagon yet, it’s not too late.

This is a simply amazing comic.

BM_BLKWHT_Cv1_09faq10822_Batman: Black & White #1

Lost in the din of Forever Evil and Villains Month, Batman: Black and White makes its return with a six-issue mini series featuring some of the biggest talents in comics today putting their own unique stamp on the Dark Knight.  And as if Chip Kidd, Neal Adams and Michael Cho weren’t enough, this first issue features Chris Samnee drawing one of the stories.


Samnee does Batman.

Shut up and take my money!

detailInfinity #2 (Marvel Comics)

Jonathan Hickman’s Infinity has been nothing short of spectacular so far, with the tie-ins serving to advance the story beautifully to this point.  We’re back to the main storyline thread here, and given just how incredible the first issue was, there’s no reason not to think this will be more of the same from what’s looking to be the breakout event Marvel’s been waiting for.

JUL130273Trillium #2 (Vertigo)

Jeff Lemire’s high-concept brainchild got off to a cracking start last month, featuring two completely separate yet ultimately intertwining stories.  One of the more intriguing titles on the shelves at the moment, it’s going to be extremely exciting to see how Lemire manages to weave the two stories together in the months to come.


forevervil1cvraForever Evil #1 (DC Comics)

Okay, so the Trinity War wasn’t exactly an event in its own right, but rather almost a prelude to the Forever Evil series.  And while the basic idea may not exactly be the freshest, there’s no denying the impact and the grand possibilities that have been offered up.

Worth a look, at any rate.

And that’s all for this week.  Let us know what title you recommend, and whether you decided to pick up any of the titles I suggested.

I’ll see you back here next week for another look at the comic week’s comics.

2 Comments on Ceej Says… Pulling Power (4th Sept2013)

  1. I for one shall be picking up Deadpool kills Deadpool. Its been quite a fun read so far and I’m really looking forward to seeing where it goes.

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