Fancy drawing Harley Quinn? DC might be interested…

580-HarleyQuinn1_rceimv4twg_In an interesting move, DC are throwing open submissions for artists to illustrate a page in their upcoming Harley Quinn #0 comic alongside the likes of Amanda Conner, Bruce Timm and Paul Pope.

They’re looking for submissions of all kinds (pencils, pencils/inks, pencils/inks/colours) from those interested in having the chance to draw a page in the upcoming November issue.

The would-be artists are given the following script specifying what to draw, although presumably (or maybe not), this is more a showcase kind of deal rather than a page ripped directly from the comic;

UntitledStill, an interesting move by DC (and not in an ‘anti gay marriage’ kinda way this time).

So what do we think? Anyone fancy taking a pop at Ms Quinzel?

Head on over to if you are.

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