7748_453892358022451_827171776_nAnother week, another reset over at…… To be honest, this shouldn’t even be a surprise anymore!

So this week I think I’ll be focusing on the clusterfuck that …has been DC recently. This past week, not only did they “forget” to put artist credits on their covers, not make enough of the 3D covers, which are now becoming collectors editions and going for more than $100 on eBay, but they’ve had a creator team leave over being told that they can’t marry one of their most iconic gay characters and member of the bat family; Batwoman. Yep that’s right, even though she’s been out for a good few years now and is allowed to have a relationship with a character, god forbid she should be allowed to marry! Won’t someone think of the children?!

This is just what they’ve managed to do in the last week though if we were to go back a year, or even a month, it seems like their membership of the big two might be slipping. More and more it seems like everything that is put out of DC is just another scheme to get one up on the house of ideas and get more cashflow. Soft reboot full of inconsistencies? Check. Multiple cancellations? Check. Event overload to the point where most of their readers are losing track? Check. A throw back to the 90’s in the worst possible way? yep, that’s another one.

It seems more and more now that the company that is meant to be more ‘adult’ is becoming more and more childish in the way that they operate. just a few months ago, Gail Simone was due to be taken off Batgirl, then when the internet kicked up a massive fuss, they “took it back”. Keith Giffin was taken off of Justice League 3000, just because they wanted it to look darker? That makes a whole load of sense, right?

Now I don’t want this to just come across as a massive rant, so I’ll try and justify a bit about where I’m coming from. The creative team of a book is important in many ways, as it’s from them that the feel of the story comes from, but in the same respect, they are the ‘guides’ through the world that they had a part in creating. so for an editorial team to then come along and tell them not do something seems like it’s just creating unnecessary roadblocks in a story to suit someone else’s means. also, for something such as gay  marriage being such a focal point in the media to go against it in a story is surely suicide?! Marvel managed it fine with the x-men a few years ago and have been very open with their use of so called ‘minority’ characters, whereas DC still seems to be a little boys club about big guns and big muscles with women that have pneumatic tits and no clothes on. It’s a shame really as some of the first comics i ever read were from DC and growing up I always preferred Justice League, Batman and The Flash over most marvel books, but it’s just not the same anymore.

This has probably been one of the more difficult pieces for me to write, i love comics, i love DC, but the way they have been portraying themselves recently I really can’t back them as i don’t agree with their ethics and opinions on too many topics. If it doesn’t bother you, then great, keep reading/buying, but if like me, you have a problem with it then write an email, comment on posts, do anything you can to make yourself heard and maybe it’ll be time for someone to listen.


Love and Bullets, as ever,

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