A look at MCM Scotland Comic Con

mcYesterday was the big day! The day thousands of comic fans across the cities grabbed at the chance to mingle with stars, pick up merchandise, enjoy the world, and have their faith restored in humanity.

The Big Comic Page gang went out on Saturday, Intermittently throught the day and we all have different views about the event, but sadly you are stuck with mine.

The day started off on the wrong foot because when we arrived we realized the queue to get into the SECC in its entirety. It went from inside the building, snaked round the building two or three times, to go down and back round the waterfront, and then finishing past the Hilton Hotel. A little dismayed about getting in, we decided to wait it out to see what happened. The queue was moving slowly but steadily toward the entrance, but sadly the rain wasn’t up for leaving us dry. As it poured down three times whilst in the queue, I soon began to hope this was worth it. Many of the people in the queue then found out after an hour of queuing that if you already pre-booked tickets then they could have simply walked in. This was a shame, but at least they got in after this, whilst the rest of us were in for a two and a half hour wait.

To be honest, it really didn’t feel like that long in the queue. Sure, if you were checking your clock every five minutes then time slowly creeped by, but the people in the queue were chatty, and if you spend that long next to the same people, you begin chatting and laughing about it. Noticing the Cosplayers coming in and out of the queue, or even just joining it, really gave you something to do.

The Cosplayers at this years Con were outstanding. I really did take notice of a lot of variety and effort put into peoples costumes, and for that all I can do is applaud anyone who could wait in the pouring rain in full Loki armour and still look amazing, you guys rock! I got a glimpse of the Cosplay Competition when I got in and it seemed to be a pretty great competition. The crowds around the stage were cheering and the atmosphere was brilliant. Well done guys, and even more congratulations to those who won!

After finally getting in and grabbing a coffee to stop my fingers from falling off, I got into the hall to see what bargains I could get my hands on. The crowds were incredible. I never knew you could fit so many people into the hall. It was a bit crazy trying to fit through the crowds and moving from A to B, but there was in fact a lot going on around you.

For the time that I got in, I decided to take my time and go around all the stalls, even just waiting about for a while to see if any of the queues diminished, which was a good idea as towards the end you could actually get into the stalls without stepping on someones toes. Many of the stalls were Anime/Manga based, which I personally don’t have a problem with because I love them both, but I was surprised to see only a few comic stalls. Quite a few people were surprised too I think as I overheard a lot of people saying this. There were a lot of small press stands which were getting a good crowd though, which is brilliant for them, lots of good talent there, everyone was so nice and just wanting to talk to you.

It was quite disappointing that there was only a limited amount with the rest being Anime related, but every stall I looked at was buzzing so the majority of people at the Con were loving it. The vendors were so surprised at the turnout, many of them saying that it had been constant from 9am, and this was me talking to them at 5:30pm, so I could only guess that they were knackered and needed a coffee!

I enjoyed myself, and I think it was a really good day out. I believe I heard it going around the place that next years GCC is going to be spread through the weekend, which is such a good idea as the crowds were just something else, and it would stop the massive queues that were seen today. All in all, it was an enjoyable experience and can’t wait to go again.

Now it’s over to you guys, what was your experience of GCC like? Did you enjoy it? Hate it? What do you want to see more of next year? Let Big Comic Page know! 

See you on the flip side,

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