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1236055_586563081389952_1807787965_nWelcome back for another enthralling edition of stuff and things!

I’ve seen a lot of bad feelings recently directed towards big Vin Diesel over the last few weeks for ALLEGEDLY trolling his fans by dropping various hints at his involvement with Marvel and also Bryan Cranston getting a bit of stick over his “maybe I am, maybe I’m not” answers regarding playing Lex Luthor.

Personally I don’t see what the problem is, These guys are actors man, It’s their job to entertain and some of them like to have a little bit of fun offscreen too by generating some entertaining rumour chat.

Diesel is CLEARLY interested in working with Marvel and by putting himself out there he is greatly increasing his chances of getting picked up by them for something down the line, We already know he’s voicing Groot in GOTG but he’s hinted at working on phase 3 which will “merge the brands” apparently but he obviously can’t say too much about what involvement (if any) he has. People took this to mean various things like the X-Movies and Marvel Studios output merging BUT it could just as easily involve the Guardians teaming with the Avengers (we already know Thanos is gonna be lurking around phase 2 in the background before striking in phase 3 so this is HIGHLY PLAUSIBLE” and even if he’s talking pish he’s getting us all talking about HIM! which means more publicity and more demand from fans to get him a role in a movie. My view on business is you gotta seize whatever oppertunity comes by, it’s not gonna come to you unless you chase after it and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Cranston on the other hand seems to be having a little fun with the press and clearly has a good sense of humour, when asked if it was true he was playing Lex Luthor he answered “Oh yeah I heard that too.” CLEARLY the man has access to the internet and probably heard the same rumour WE ALL DID and is having a bit of a laugh at possibly the 1000th journalist to come at him with questions that day. Is he troling? a bit, is he trolling his fans? hardly, he’s got us all talking and if it turns out he’s not in the movie we can all go “Ach ye had us there Bryan ya sly old dog haha” and welcome whoever else takes the role.

After all no one seemed to get annoyed when the Rock posted a mock up of him as Luke Cage on his Twitter to Kevin Feige that he was ready for the call to be a Hero for Hire and Folk assumed because Simon Pegg posed with an Ant Man statue he was hinting he was cast as Pym.

Sometime the internet is a dangerous tool and things can be easily be taken out of context but should we get so angry at actors when they do a bit of self promotion to get their name out there for a dream role? Nah.

I already covered villains month stuff when I filled in for Samii this week so…..y’know…….3D covers n that.

Seen the trailer for the Robo-Cop remake, #@!%$£$£$#@!!  and just go read Frank Millers Robo-Cop comics instead of this when it hits theatres.

Marvel announced Inhumanity is on it’s way, I am not sure if it’s a new event or series but I’ll likely be checking it out.

I’m also orchestrating a couple of things coming up on the page soon as well as us working on another EPIC thingy for ya’ll but it’s all hush hush right now, the wee things coming up should prove to be pretty entertaining though and the only hint i’ll give ya’ll is October is coming.

Wild Internet Speculation!

Playlist this week.

1) Kavinsky – Protovision.
2) Kavinsky – Odd Look.
3) Dillinger Escape Plan – One of us is the Killer.
4) Monuments – Regenerate.
5) Emmure – Sound Wave Superior.

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