Greg’s Top 5 – Recent science stories almost out of comics


Not really a top 5 but just 5 amazing real, 100% true (you can google) recent stories  that would make for some great comics.

check them out then sound like a proper genius with your friends when you share the tidbits.

5. James Cameron’s latest flop is massive. He literally couldn’t get any lower!


He went to the deepest place on earth, the Mariana Trench, To do this he used a very small ship he called a Vertical Torpedo (giggity).

There isn’t much more to this story, but i think its cool enough to be a awesome graphic novel, You have a rich explorer visiting underwater places no one has ever been.

Source: National Geographic.

4. An island in the Pacific disappears!


Yes you read that right, an island, a whole island…well it may not be strictly true, but it sounds amazing.

Sandy island (New Caladonia) is small, 3 miles, so you can imagine the shock to some Aussie scientist when they went and it wasn’t there. The island had vanished and not only that there was no sign that it had ever been there.

The current story is that it was just human error that created this island, but charts from as far back as 1774 with ship reports saying it was there, so what exactly is the story here?

We may never know, but that would make a hell of a comic, Vanishing Island very Submariner.

Source: Sandy Island, New Caledonia Wikipedia

3. The Mars Curiosity Rover Has LANDED!


This thing is kitted out better than Batman going for a night time stroll.

Boasting “Mast Camera, Chemistry and Camera complex, Navigation cameras, Rover Environmental Monitoring Station, Hazard avoidance cameras, Mars Hand Lens Imager, Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer, Chemistry and Mineralogy, Sample analysis at Mars Dust Removal Tool, Radiation assessment detector, Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons, Mars Descent Imager, Robotic arm.

Why does it need all that? Well, its trying to find out if life on Mars was/is possible, by searching for water and microbial life signs. But its also clearing the path for Human exploration in the very near future.

And that’s how that story would begin, With four scientists being sent to Mars where they would be bombarded with cosmic rays. ;)

Source: NASA

2. We might be able to live without breathing


Scientists have created micro-particles that can oxygenate your body even if you’re not breathing, it sounds really cool right? But its more than that, What this actually means is paramedics can save lives more efficiently. It can give you between 15 to 30 minuets of oxygen supply even during major respiratory failure and it could be used to help us breath underwater…. or Space?

Source:  Huff. Post

1. “Mr. Sulu, Warp factor…”


Dr. Harrold White and other physicists have found loopholes in some mathematical equations—loopholes that indicate that warping the space-time fabric is indeed possible.

The idea is to create Warp bubbles to compress the space in front and expand the space behind the engines and the ship should move at warp speed without breaking the laws of physics, if it works we could travel to a planet 20 light years away from earth in just 2 years.

Tell me this doesn’t smell like comicbook science?

Source: Gizmodo

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