So here we are, another week, but slightly less hate (i know, i know, but I’ve had a nice week). So this week i thought i’d move on directly from last weeks article and discuss Character Development. This has been something that has bothered me for a while, because i genuinely don’t know the answer, Who is is i actually like, is it the character behind the mask, or the mask itself?

Maybe Ii just spend too much time looking too deep into these things but it was a conversation with Grant Morrison a few years ago (blatant name drop #1) about what he had planned for Dick as Batman while Bruce was “dead”. He talked about how there was a plan in motion where he wanted Dick to be Batman for the foreseeable future, with Damian as Robin with Bruce coming back years down the line, but Editorial at DC wanted him back sharpish (I can only assume for the new film coming out at the time). Grant touched upon it again at the end of Bat-Inc where Bats himself talks about how Batman will never die, because he is an idea. It’s something that ran all through Morrison s run on the series, from Batman #666, through Dick-Bat (insert penis joke here) and all the way to Bat-Inc, where there is Batmen from all over the globe! I’ve been a Bat far for as long as i can remember, back to the old days of the animated series when i was a young kid, through to picking up Detective Comics again, and eventually the main title. However, i have to say that my favorite stories of recent years have been the ones with Dick as Batman and Damien as Robin, so does that mean i don’t like the ‘Real’ Batman? Is it the Character I like, or is it Dick (penis joke #2, promise i’ll stop now).

The same could be said for Spider-Man, Peter was who i grew up with, in tandem with Bruce-Bat, but while I’ve enjoyed every minute of my time as a Spider-Fan (even OMIT, to an extent) i find myself enjoying Scarlet Spider and Sp-Ock just as much. I’ve yet to pick up the new story line with 2099 in it, but i can only guess that with Dan Slott writing it, it’ll be up to his usual standards. Dan’s another one actually, in his hands, the character of Pete changed so much and grew in such an organic way, that even when the story reached its crescendo and Pete “dies”, it still feels like it fits in with the story and it has progressed into Sp-Ock being one of Marvels highest selling books, with consistently high figures.

Superior Spider-Man #14 Cover by Humberto Ramos

Superior Spider-Man #14 Cover by Humberto Ramos

There are many more examples in the big two of characters having different faces, Bullseye as Hawkeye, Mac Gargan as Venom, and of the Robins, any of the Green Lanterns, and for the most part, have been a refreshing take on the character, but with it still being what we know and love.

In writing this i think I’ve partially answered my question for myself. i still love the characters themselves, but it’s the subtle changes that keep a character interesting that keep the hooks in that i love, and for that we have to thank the writers for daring to try it. so to everyone that’s ever thought about going against the grain and changing just enough to make something new, to keep people interested, i thank you, from the bottom of my heart, even if it didn’t stick, even if you were hated, you tried, and it’s all we can do.

Love and slightly less hate,

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