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tumblr_mlewptLjKx1r1wo1po1_500So for anyone who missed it I got really excited earlier this week when I saw the upcoming comics from Image and spotted Burn the Orphanage part two is due to drop soon.

I can’t say enough how much I freakin’ loved the first issue of the 3 part series from Sina Grace and Daniel Freedman. It’s appeal is mostly nostalgia and the series clearly wears its heart on its sleeve with influences from classic 80’s/90’s videogames like streets of rage, street fighter and final fight and plays out like a classic action movie moving from one action packed battle to the next with little stopping for breath. I wholly encourage anyone who loves a good action tale to check it out before the second part comes out which looks to be taking it’s influence from Mortal Kombat and Enter the Dragon. If you don’t think that sounds amazing you’re just wrong.

There was also brief panic involving a certain little celebrity fitshuck teasing his involvement with the upcoming batman/superman movie (thankfully it seems to be for a gag from funny or die) but it got me thinking about how much better my idea for a Batman movie re-boot is than the one WB are currently going for. Basically my idea is for a new trilogy but rather than focusing on Batman, The story would play out from the perspective of Dick Grayson. The first movie would show the death of his parents and the beginning of his career as Robin, The second movie would show him older and rebelling against Bruce before donning the Nightwing costume at the films finale and the third movie would see him return to an elderly Bruce Wayne to take over as Batman and continue the training of the new Robin (I’d go either with Tim or Damian, I’d be changing the story just a little for the sake of the film). Seriously WB, gimmie some money!

I also feel like folks have been trying to lighten my opinion on Superior Spider-Man recently. I’m still not buying into Sp-Ock as a hero. My issue is still the fact that Peter was always billed as the greatest hero of them all. Despite his flaws and his failures he was still human and the fact that he never quit and always did his best to balance his personal life and his life as a hero made him someone we could relate to. I grew up with Peter and as a kid growing up I also learned from Peter. He was a normal kid who found himself in an extraordinary situation and through some hard lessons he ultimately sacrificed so much to live by the code “with great power comes great responsibility”.

What does Sp-Ock have to offer? A Villain who through a sudden change of heart has decided to dedicate his life to doing someone’s job better than they can? He treats his friends and allys as expendable nuisances and shows no respect for anyone else, he’s hired goons and built machines to do his job for him and abuses the powers and strength he’s stolen to massage his own ego. What kind of hero is that to admire? Someone who’s stolen the life and identity of someone else just for the glory and praise that comes with being a hero rather than doing it because it’s the right thing to do. Also he’s a fu*king c**t and can f*ck the f*ck off…..f*ckin sh*te d*ck. (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

That’s it from me this week.

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