Now Trending: Week 20

NOWTREvery weekend we highlight articles that got the most views on the site. Trending this week on the is…

  1. 20 volumes of Judge Dredd Complete Case Files now available on iOS
  2. Artist confirmed for Dark Horse’s new Serenity series
  3. This week’s comic book releases – 18th September 2013
  4. GK’s Where Are They Now?: Nubia, Wonder Woman’s black twin sister
  5. Legendary artist George Perez loses sight in left eye
  6. Death’s Head II lives!
  7. Complete list of DC ‘Villains Month’ titles (with covers and creative teams!!)
  8. Lady Shiva and The Riddler confirmed for Batman: Arkham Origins
  9. Hawkeye #13 Reviewed by Chris Bennett
  10. Dynamite Entertainment Releases – 18th September 2013

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