Stuff and Things… Grand Theft Auto 5 edition… kinda.

1265347_593077337405193_1597002737_oSo yeah, GTA V came out this week, No one has done anything all week other than play this game, comic news sites haven’t even been reporting much news as I’m guessing everyone is playing this game, Hell yer lucky am typing this up rather than playing the game but I gotta stick something up.

Trouble is all I’ve done (other than work, obviously) is play GTA, No read any comics in 2 weeks now (also due in part to being a bit skint) BUT on the plus side I am now recieving some awesome free comics for review purposes so it’s no all bad being a busy BCP admin.

So I guess I gotta talk some comics eh?

Well one thing caught my eye this week and that was the new poster for Marvels next big event. Inhumanity is coming and it sounds pretty good.

I’ve always been pretty familiar with the Inhumans from their various appearances through the Marvel Universe but I can’t say I know THAT much about them other than Black Bolt being pretty damn powerful and thats about it.

Seems like they are about to recieve a massive push from Marvel in the coming months so I look forard to learning more about them.

Short one thise week, I have a crime empire to build. Tune in next week for a return to normal service where I’ll also be kicking off the cool shit I have planned for October!



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