Image Comics’ Zero #1 reports back to duty with a 2nd printing

20130924-211738.jpgHot on the heels of last week’s sell-out, Image Comics is proud to announce a reprint of ZERO #1, the inaugural issue of the story of a spy trained from birth to kill and the choices he makes that change his life forever. The response to ZERO #1, written by Ales Kot and drawn by Michael Walsh, has been overwhelming, and the orders for ZERO #2 are incredibly strong. In order to meet demand, a second printing of ZERO #1 is currently scheduled to release on 23rd October.

Critics continue to rave about ZERO #1:

“Zero #1’s violence is brutal, but not in a cinematic sense. It’s almost candid about the horrors it depicts […] Kot and Walsh control the pace masterfully, inching out the horror so you feel its effects in every panel.”
James Hunt, Comic Book Resources

“Walsh’s pencils are awash with a strong, solid thickness reminiscent of the best works of Aja and Mazzuchelli […] The environments are also gorgeously rendered, with help by colorist Jordie Bellaire in making Israel subtly explode with an eye-popping helping of varying shades of brown and red.”
Julien Loeper, ComicBooked

“[I]f issue #1 of ZERO is any indication of what we’re going to get with this series, consider me excited. There’s a lot to like about this first issue, not the least of which is the way that Ales Kot sets up the whole conflict, as Zero telling his story, piece by piece to a young boy. But there’s a lot more to Zero running beneath the surface, and that’s what makes it such an engaging read.”
Matt LeMaire, The MacGuffin

Anyone pick up the first issue, and if so, what did you think?

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