Details Surface On ‘Patlabor’ Live Action Project

patlabor 2

Definitely one for the old-skool Manga fans. Apparently, A ‘Patlabor’ live action project is in the works, and original director Mamoru Oshii is now on board to direct.

According to details released at a recent press conference in Japan, the project will consist of twelve 48-minute long episodes, plus a ‘zero’ episode, all of which will be released in Japanese cinemas. The whole thing will be finished off with a full-length feature film in 2015.

Although the high-profile ‘Pacific Rim’ movie may have opened the door for mech-movies to reach a larger western audience, its unclear if this project will see any sort of theatrical release over here. I was personally a big fan of the animated Patlabor movies as a kid, so I’ll be hunting this down regardless.

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