Sex Criminals #1: A First Issue Review (Image Comics)

sexcriminals1_coverSometimes it seems the norm that Image release high concept and odd titles that catch fire look at Chew after all and at its heart Sex Criminals is in a similar mold. I’ll try to not be to spoilery save for what was stated in solicits but the core concept of Sex Criminals is that a couple become criminals because the woman Suzanne stops time at the moment of climax.

The narrative in this book is fantastic mixing up memories of the Suzanne’s past, with internal monologue and her inserting herself into them as a host at times which makes the fact the story goes back and forth easier to follow and this also allows for the formality of establishing the book’s main characters origins to be handled in a reasonably fresh way. The narrative refers to stuff from the past like songs, regrets and torment that really make Suzanne seem like a 3 dimensional character. The male character Jonathan still has to be developed a bit more but that is understandable as this book was the set up so focused on Suzanne and how she met Jonathan as well as his connection to her time powers. Now if you are the kind of person who also likes poo poo pee pee jokes then there is also something for you. I can’t say it isn’t gratuitous since it celebrate it but there are raunchier books out there. So don’t let the concept scare you off.

Yet again Fraction is accompanied by an artist whose work really adds to the offbeat [a word I use too much but it fits] feel of his writing. This is Chip Zdarsky’s first major title to be released and he stepped up, If I had to describe his overall style I would say it’s a little like Mike Allred and maybe it is the Fraction influence but a tad like David Aja I thought what with minimalist covers. That’s not to say his style is derivative [it isn’t] but to give you a flavor that is what you are in for.

I feel that we gush over Matt Fractions writing here to much at times since we often talk about the greatness of Hawkguy. So I went into this looking for flaws but there aren’t many. I found this a genuinely funny and engaging read. The characters were well-developed, the concept for all it’s silliness was tightly set up and the art on the book was out of the norm. All of which is a breath of fresh air compared to the monthly sea of superheroics we are exposed to.


The writer of this piece was: GARYav
Gary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
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