Bloody hell, Constantine series in development at NBC


Hot on the heels of Tuesdays announcement of the Gotham earlier this week, the DC comics official twitter has confirmed that there is TV show based on the Hellblazer comics currently in development for NBC. Presuming it gets green lit, this will join Arrow, Flash and the previously mentioned Gotham in the live-action DC TV wheel house. This comes at a great time for us here at BCP, as we’re doing Hellblazer for next months Book group!

For those keeping score, Arrow and Flash are at the CW, Gotham is over at Fox and Constantine will be airing on NBC. How this will affect potential crossovers (with each other or with the film universe) is unknown. With Marvel trying to get an Agent Carter show off the ground starring Haley Atwell it seems that both of the Big Two are trying to stake their claim on our small screens on top of their domination of the summer blockbuster season.

No casting news yet, but we’ll keep you updated as and when we get news. In the meantime, let’s speculate! Who do we want to play Constantine?

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