Review – Judge Dredd Classics #4 (IDW Publishing)

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Writer: John “T.B. Grover” Wagner, Alan Grant
Artist: Carlos Ezquerra

Well following on from the last issue, a war has broken out between Mega City One and the Soviet run East Meg One and things get pretty biblical even more so than in issue 3. So to add to what I said in the previous issue this part of the story Which is again written by John Wagner with Alan Grant and drawn by Carlos Ezquerra really shows you that Dredd is no hero after all he was never designed to be one, Instead he plays with the lives of millions as he plays the Soviets in an escalating game with WMD’s. He is even giving the chance to save lives by surrendering the Big Meg but although the Mega City is a totalitarian state already at least it isn’t a damn commie totalitarian state.

These little bits of classic character development are what is really good about these Judge Dredd Classics they show the character at defining points in the canon for all the ugliness. An excellent way for new readers to get into him because straight away you know this man is a instrument of the law as dictated to him he isn’t there to save people. But on the occasions he does then that is a happy coincidence but not what Judge Dredd is about.

Carlos Ezquerra again shows he has a talent for drawing desolation but with the title of the arc being the Apocalypse War would you expect any less?

The book again ends on a cliffhanger, This is something really good about adapting anthological strips like Dredd it makes it easy to jump on admittedly a little more so in the last issue which kicked things off, But I see no reason why fresh eyes reading this shouldn’t be able to like it and as I said there is a cliffhanger that again makes you want more. Especially as the stakes are so high.

Rating: 8/10.

The writer of this piece was: GARYav
Gary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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