Review – Abe Sapien #6 (Dark Horse)

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Writer: Mike Mignola, Scott Allie
Artist: Sebastian Fiumara

As a long time fan of Hellboy and BPRD I’ve really enjoyed this series so far, and issue #6 is a pretty good jump on point. The start of a two part story featuring Abe wandering the Arizona desert and learning the Apocalypse might not be all it seems (any more than this would be getting into spoiler territory).

Mingola’s and Allie’s story is exactly what you would expect from a BPRD-verse story, while slow in pacing it’s dense with lore and helps to flesh out the narrative in a way that still makes you want to see how it all turns out (Spoilers, probably bad).

On Art duties this time is Sebastian Fiumara, who encapsulates the feel perfectly and helps set the tone of the book from the get go. Fiumara’s monsters are genuinely frightening, especially Vucub Caquix. The larger panels alone wouldn’t look out of place on a wall, and I for one might just try and do exactly that!

Book of the week so far for me, get it read!

Rating: 8/10.

The writer of this piece was: Chris_AvatarChris Bennett
Article: I Hate It Here
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