Review – Shaolin Cowboy #1 (Dark Horse)

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Writers: Geof Darrow
Artist: Geof Darrow

I’m not really sure where the hell this series is going ,but I’m pretty sure I’ll be going along for the ride.

Playing out like a cross between an arty….eh…art house story and something from the grindhouse genre, this first issue manages to tell the majority of the story through the silent action scenes as they unfold, and this issue is a good 90% action as our hero slices his way through a zombie horde using (get this by the way) a bamboo staff with chainsaws attached to each end!

It’s pretty spectacular on the eyes and does a good job of drawing you in even without dialogue. However, you will feel a bit like “WTF did I just read?” by the end.

Rating: 6.5/10.

The writer of this piece was: Jamie_AvatarJamie Wilson aka (J)
Article: Stuff and Things
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