Review – Mars Attacks Judge Dredd #2 (of 4) (IDW Publishing)

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Writer: Al Ewing
Artist: John McCrea

So I am just going to start this by saying … Is there really much of a crossing of Judge Dredd and Mars Attacks fans on a Venn diagram?, On that I am unsure I am not overly familiar with Mar Attacks aside from the basic that it was a ye olde timey trading card game that was later adapted by Tim Burton as a movie so one could say it has a certain niche appeal and similarly Judge Dredd has a niche appeal it is just that I questioned why this book was before reading it. But IDW seem to be using Mars Attacks in a similar vain to how Dark Horse used Alien or Predator back in the day and are using them as a ubiquitous go to villain with appeal whose concept lends itself to crossovers.

Upon looking at the book straight away I was drawn by the cover which looks absolutely fantastic. The regular cover edition has a impressively drawn portrait of one of the titular Martians dressed as Dredd pointing a blaster. I hadn’t even read who the creative team were on this before reading and again was pleasantly surprised to find Al Ewing and John McCrea writing and drawing respectively which adds to the authenticity IDW have gave this Dredd, Even if it is presumably based on the current IDW run and not long running UK. Thought part of me thinks which is canon?

I really liked seeing McCrea take on drawing Dredd, He brings the same gruff yet animated looking aesthetic which his work is known for. Now this is the second issue so does it require you to have read issue one?, Not particularly I felt that I got a grip of it fairly well. After all the Martians invade earth and make Dredd angry set up can be assumed and Al Ewing manages to make things interesting and light-hearted.

Should you feel the concept detracts you from picking it up there is no need to worry as I said myself I have little to no frame of reference with Mars Attacks and found it a fairly entertaining book and the team on this miniseries have Dredd covered well and if failing that there is just the sheer oddball mashup value of the book for those looking for something besides the regular run of each.

Rating: 7/10.

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Gary Kane aka (GK)
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