Credit Where It’s Due: Scott Snyder

2082318-scott_snyderFor my new weekly post, I plan stay positive for a change, and talk about the stuff I love, be it writers, artists, titles, story arcs, ANYTHING about comics that I can say good stuff about, I’m gonna!

Now, any comic fan who hasn’t been living under a rock since DC’s New 52 started will have heard of Scott Snyder. He’s one of the company’s ‘golden boys’, and is currently garnering critical acclaim in almost everything he touches. And it is well deserved.

Although some will find Snyder’s long-form storytelling style not quite to their liking, he rarely fails to fill that space with story, and his dialogue is often superb. His ‘Court of Owls’ and ‘Death of the Family’ arcs in the main Batman title have been some of the best bat-stories we have seen in a long time, and his ‘Black Mirror’ arc in Detective Comics is about as dark as DC gets without tripping over into Vertigo territory.

Snyder also had a brilliant run on Swamp Thing when the New 52 launched, and is currently penning Superman Unchained, which, along with his Batman title, has consistently been in the top 3 best selling books since it launched.

Clearly I’m a fan. But what do you think of Snyder’s work? Does his name on a title make it a must-buy, or is it a deal-breaker?

P.S. Next week I’ll be bigging up the 2008 run of ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’!

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