Image Comics reviews – 9th October 2013


Collected below are some advance reviews for a few of today’s releases from Image Comics.

And in case none of these tickle your fancy, here’s what else is hitting the shelves from Image this week.

Ghosted #4
God Hates Astronauts Volume 1 TP
Hoax Hunters #11
Lazarus Volume 1 TP
Manhattan Projects #15
Miniature Jesus #5 (Of 5),
Multiple Warheads Down Fall (One Shot)
Peter Panzerfaust #15
Sidekick #3
Think Tank #10
Walking Dead #1 (10th Anniversary Edition)
Walking Dead Tyreese Special

Bushido #2

(Image Comics)


Issue two picks up straight where last weeks left off, Kichiro has been thrown in jail and sentenced to die at the hands of his brother Orochi who believes he saw him kill their father when he was in fact assassinated by a vampire.

Kichiro escapes his sentencing with help from his beloved Mitsuko and begins his journey to track down his fathers killers and seek justice but he himself is being hunted by Orochi who is furious at his “treacherous brothers” escape with a small group of his men.

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Rating: 8/10.

Review by Jamie

Chew #37

(Image Comics)


Chew is one of those marmite books, you either love it or hate it. Personally, I think it’s one of the most original books out there and have used it to get people into comics in the first place! That being said, the book is now so balls-deep into the story that there really is no good jumping on point, and this issue is no exception.

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Rating: 9/10.

Review by Chris

Rocket Girl #1

(Image Comics)


While drawn absolutely beautifully, Rocket Girl’s first outing struggles to get in gear but starts to shape up towards the end and looks like it could be a good wee read in the long run.

Dayoung Johannson is a 15 year old teen cop from the future who has travelled back in time to 1986 to prevent a corrupt corporation from altering time to benefit their standing on the business ladder in the future…..and oh yeah… she flies around on a rocket pack!

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Rating: 7/10.

Review by Jamie

Three #1

(Image Comics)


Three tells the story of three slaves who take on 300 Spartan oppressors.  I really didn’t enjoy this one to be honest which is a shame because I thought it sounded awesome.

The writing doesn’t seem to move along smoothly and the dialogue between characters seems more suited to bad daytime soap operas than comic books.

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Rating: 2/10.

Review by Jamie

The Walking Dead #115

(Image Comics)


The time is finally upon us! The Walking Dead’s eagerly anticipated ‘All Out War’ 12-issue event kicks off today, and I have to say, its off to a terrific start. While the preceding few issues have been very much defined by their action and ‘heat of the moment’ drama, this is a far more thoughtful, restrained, character-driven issue that helps sell the enormity of the battle ahead, and the emotional – not to mention physical – toll it’s likely to take on the participants.

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Rating: 8/10.

Review by Ceej

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