More Marvel NYCC news, including Elektra, Punisher and Captain Marvel…

The Superior Spider-Man & Friends panel at NYCC provided- as usual – a whole host of interesting announcements.  We cut through the chat to let you know what to look out for…

– A new Elektra solo series was announced from Zeb Wells and Mike Del Mundo.  I’ll reserve judgment on this until I find out more, but more of Del Mundo’s lovely artwork is never a bad thing.

– A change of scenery was confirmed for The Punisher, as he gets set to (finally) venture out of New York and take his own brand of vigilante justice to Los Angeles.

– In a somewhat surprising move, Captain Marvel is set to (re)relaunch with a brand new series from previous writer Kelly Sue DeConnick and artist David Lopez.  Not quite sure why this needs to happen, but it’s good to see the title continuing in some form or other.

– Another new series was confirmed, with New Warriors #1 coming soon from by Chris Yost and Marcus To.  Looks like a pretty stacked lineup, too, judging by the cover art.

– And finally… *phew*… Superior Spider-Man is setting to introduce a new ‘Goblin’ in #23 and #24, and kick off a new ‘Goblin Nation’ story arc shortly thereafter.  Colour me interested in seeing how this pans out.

Click the cover for the full-size image.

So what do we think?  A lot of news to digest here, but is there anything in particular that jumps out at you?

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