Mug of Duff – Tuesday the 15th of October – Technical Difficulties

shot the web hard

Afternoon all,

I’m hoping that one of my kind and very handsome colleagues will post this on my behalf given that the wifi in my crappy lil rented flat has given up the ghost on me.

So in the spirit of this I thought Id ask, what are some of the most ridiculous examples of heroes or villains being let down by their technology?

The ultimate example for me has to be the ever faithful set up where spider-man runs out of web fluid mid battle or even mid air. Really, you couldn’t put a gauge on those thingies?

Any other prime examples out there, please let us know.

Now, where’s that landlord…

The writer of this piece was:


Stuart Duff aka (Stu)

Article: Mug of Duff

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