Credit Where It’s Due: Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel

Captain-Marvel_1-674x1024Until just over a year ago, I was mainly a DC reader. In honesty, I had been put off a lot of Marvel titles due to the massive cast of characters constantly crossing over into each other’s books, but when Captain Marvel was re-launched at issue #1 last year, I figured it couldn’t hurt to have a bash at something new.

What I stumbled onto was what I consider one of the best Marvel comics I have read in recent memory. I love this title!

Most titles with new writers or characters can take a few issues to find their feet and feel ‘settled’, but right from the first issue it was clear that Kelly Sue Deconnick was completely at home writing Carol Danvers, keeping the character likeable and relatable, and genuinely just fun to follow.

The series has seen a fair few artists already, my favourite being Ed Mcguinness’s work on the first arc, but Joe Quinones, Dexter Soy, and the always-awesome Jamie Mckelvie have all had a go among others, and the artwork has always been strong, with the varying art styles all suiting the book perfectly, and the covers alone are worth a look.

Now some of you will no doubt be saying “But it’s already cancelled??”, and yes, you would be correct. Issue #17 at the end of October is the last issue. But but fear not! Captain Marvel is getting relaunched again in March, with Deconnick still at the helm and David Lopez on art duties, and this time, she’s going intergalactic. I can’t wait!


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