DC Comics’ January Solicitations = More Cancellations

gt-1DC have released their solicitations for January 2014, and, somewhat predictably, it looks like three of their newest books are getting the boot after December.

The Green Team, Vibe, and Katana are all getting cancelled, continuing DC’s trend of releasing new books to little fanfare and ditching them less than a year later.

Many people called this months ago. The Green Team seemed doomed to failure from the beginning, despite being a relaunch of an old title, with a fairly uninteresting premise, and no real ties to any of DC’s bigger characters. Katana has been ropey to say the least under Ann Nocenti’s pen, and Vibe, although a great character, seems to have disappeared from many a reviewer’s radar.

It’s unfortunate that DC struggle to sell new books that don’t include their major characters, but Talon is going pretty strong as proof that it can be done. Granted, it ties to Batman, but Vibe and Katana both have ties to the Justice League of America, and still people haven’t taken much notice.

Perhaps the ensemble titles are enough for most people? What do you think?

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1 Comment on DC Comics’ January Solicitations = More Cancellations

  1. They don’t advertise. Why don’t comics publishers advertise? I’ve never seen any ads for comics anywhere except websites that are about comics. If they don’t get readers, the pubs have only themselves to blame.

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