Dark Horse Comics reviews – 23rd October 2013


Collected below are our reviews for some of today’s releases from Dark Horse Comics.

And, in case none of these tickle your fancy, here’s what else is hitting the shelves from Dark Horse this week.

Dark Horse Presents #29
Star Wars: Legacy #8
Bride of the Water God volume 14
The Massive #16
Gantz volume 29
The Answer TP

Conan and the People of the Black Circle #1


Barbarian. Cimmerian. King. Conan is a lot of things to a lot of people. The Conan I’m most familiar with is the Kurt Busiek run on Dark Horse’s Conan ongoing book. I left the book when he did but recently I’ve been feeling like my to-read stack is missing something – and, by Crom, I think it might just be Conan!

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Review by Dave

Kiss Me, Satan #2 (of 5)


This series is a bit of a mixed bag for me.  On the one hand, the story is a little uneven, in that the majority of the character development to this point seems to have been used for the ‘bad guys’, with the unfortunate side-effect that I struggle to find myself really caring much about the heroes and their plight.  In fact, the highlight of the story so far has been Meredith, the wife of main villain Cassian, and she absolutely steals this issue in every way imaginable.

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Review by Ceej

Mass Effect: Foundation #4


Mass Effect Foundation Issue 4, Revolt at Ground Zero, kicks off on board the Gagarin Station where the training for Human Youths with Biotic Potential continues under the brutal teaching style of the Turion mercenary Vyrnnus. Beginning with an awkward exposition where Kaiden Alenko and his fellow students rubbish banter does nothing but move us from point A to B. It’s disappointing considering the wealth of material that Mac Walters himself had a big hand in creating.

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Review by James

Mind MGMT #16


I just want to start by saying that Mind MGMT is a very strange book. It looks like no other book on the market today, which is to say that it is hands-down one of the prettiest books I’ve ever read and Matt Kindt deserves a medal for doing the entire thing himself! On top of that though, to actually absorb everything in a single issue – from the story that runs up the spine, the actual story and just to take in the art itself – would take you double the time that would be spent on a normal 28 page book.

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Review by Chris

Hellboy: The Midnight Circus


Just in time for Halloween, Dark Horse have given us a trade of sorts (clocking in a 50 some pages, it’s closer to an annual) which follows a young HB doing what we all wanted to do as a kid; run away and join the circus. I’ve always been a fan of “Times Past” type stories, from the ones in Starman to the BPRD stories set in the 40’s, and this is one to add to that list.

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Review by Chris

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