Image Earlier today, Newsrama reported the there may have been a leak from Marvel regarding the silhouetted character featured in the up and coming MIGHTY AVENGERS. At a for an up and coming event in Mexico “Festo Comic-Con”, Marvel were giving away scripts to aspiring artists for portfolio views.



The script features a dayglo inspired SPIDER HERO (no hyphen) costumed figure, which is later on revealed through notes by writer Al Ewing, to be none other than BLADE!? the text clearly states:

“There’s a silhouette in the doorway, leaning out — BLADE’S. The reason I want to do it this way is so as not to let the readers know who this is until further down the line. So we hide Blade’s identity this way, and tell it in Monica’s reaction — he’s someone she knows or has heard of, and she’s a little surprised to see him here, but she knows what it means if he shows up: vampires. Blade explains that he needs her help.”

This is followed by:

“Enter Blade, in the SPIDER HERO suit. This is basically a spandex, old-style spider-man costume, in a hideous combination of neon pink and neon green with SPIDER HERO written across the chest in place of the spider logo. It’s incredibly cheap looking. He’s going to be wearing this at least until issue #4, when probably he’ll change into the Ronin outfit.”

If true, Blade will mark the 4th character to take on the Ronin Mantle, first up was deaf ninja Maya Lopez, who was succeeded by Clint Barton (just adding to his aliases) an more recently Red Guardian.

This would make sense following the release of the Mighty Avengers #4 cover, which features someone in the Ronin guise, smashing a portrait of this Spider Hero character. Going by Marvels recent viral forms of marketing, this would be a strange turn of advertising, which would add weight to the idea that this was a mistake? A tasty mistake, but still, it’s shoddy work by whoever was responsible for the script release.

keep an eye on the page for news as soon as we here it.

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