Credit Where It’s Due: Batman: ‘KnightQuest’

Detective_Comics_674This one is close to my heart, as the KnightQuest storyline was my first real introduction to comics. Detective Comics #674 (pictured) was the first American comic book I ever bought, Jean Paul Valley was the man in the bat-suit, and I was immediately hooked. I remember sitting in my sister’s flat after reading it and thinking “I need to go back into town and find more of this!”.

Knightfall is the one most of us have fond memories of, when Bane broke the bat, but KnightQuest was the story of the man who took over the mantle. He made a lot of dick moves, and was a bit of a nut-job who ultimately lost the plot an Bruce had to take him down, but the story gave us a very different Batman in both looks and methods, and although it splits opinion, I am still a big fan and I like to go back and read this arc with fond memories.

In the run-up to the release of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, to capitalise on the Bane hype, DC released new collected edition paperbacks that included the complete story as well as Knightfall/Knightsend and I would highly recommend it if you haven’t taken a look before.

So, have you read KnightQuest? Let me know your thoughts!

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