Marvel reveals details of new teenage Muslim Pakistani Ms Marvel.

msmarvelWe managed to miss this yesterday amidst the onslaught of advance reviews, but it seems that we have a brand new Ms. Marvel.

Kamala Khan, a  teenage Pakistani Muslim girl living in Jersey City, will take over the role from February 2014.  The idea for the character came out of a conversation between Steve Wacker and Sana Amant (another Marvel editor) about an anecdote from her childhood.

The new character will have her own back story, her own powers (including shapeshifting), and will have decided to take on the ‘Ms Marvel’ name as a tribute to Carol Danvers, who is her idol.  The book will be written by G. Willow Wilson.

In terms of diversity, the character obviously has quite a lot of appeal in the predominantly ‘white male’ world of Marvel, and we’ll be watching this project with interest as it nears its release date.

So what do we make of this latest piece of news?

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