Keiron Gillen confirms the end of Young Avengers

20131114-235057.jpgWell, it looks like our worst fears have been realised. Writer Kieron Gillen has confirmed that Young Avengers will be ending as of issue 15.

He made the following post on Tumblr;

“Jamie and my plan was always to do a season telling a contained story, leaving room to continue it if we felt we had something else to say. When the time came around and Marvel asked if we wanted to do more issues, Jamie and I decided we’d actually made our statement, and should leave the stage.

When we did that, Editor Supreme Lauren thought “Well, Young Avengers has always been in seasons. It’s never been a traditional ongoing. It exists in these short runs, where the creators do what they wish, then step away. Rather than becoming just like everything else, we should institutionalize that.”

In other words, while Young Avengers is going away after issue 15, I’m sure it’ll be back in an excellent new form at a future point.”

Well I guess we’re not alone in thinking that pretty much sucks, right?

The writer of this piece was: Daveav
David McIntyre aka (Big Dave)
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