Review – Ben 10 #1

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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Words: Jason Henderson
Pictures: Gordon Purcell
Release Date: 20th November 2013

I know, I know. I’m in danger of getting a reputation as “the IDW guy.” Or hell, I may already BE that guy. The appeal for me is that they seem to treat their source material with enough respect to keep the licensed books incongruent with the intellectual properties they’re based on – which used to be a rare thing indeed. They’ve had a decent batting average with the recent Cartoon Network licenses, both Samurai Jack and Powerpuff Girls have been strong books but with this book, Ben 10, they’re aiming at something more recent than those two shows. Without the comfort of familiarity with the franchise and without the goodwill generated by nostalgia, can Ben 10 still shine as brightly as the other CN IDW books?

Long and short of it is no. The characters are given little more than a cursory attempt at characterisation – they all seem flat and 1 dimensional. Kevin is the cool one, Grandpa is the wise one, Rook is the fish out of water and Gwen is… there. More time spent developing the tem dynamic could have given the book a little more meat as what we have feels a little light. Ben himself is given a touch more in the personality department but not enough to hold my interest. The plot entails the gang attempting to take a vacation which is interrupted twice by attacks from villains, forcing Ben to use his powers despite being on holiday. It’s a tired story we’ve seen done before – and done better. A nice touch was Ben using deductive reasoning to work out the (painfully obvious) twist to the issue. Ben’s detective work however is undermined by the audience working out the twist about 5 pages before Ben does.

My only experience of Ben 10 is from the action figures, which I became all too familiar with when I worked in a toy store, as such I cannot justifiably pass comment on the artworks accuracy to the cartoon although everyone is recognisable to those with a passing familiarity with the animation. IDW one again hit it out of the park when it comes to colouring – vibrant and youthful; the tones and hues picked for this series work extremely well in connecting the comics to the franchise as a whole. Bens alien forms are ripped right from the cartoon, with both Big Chill and Ripclaws showing up for the ride.

This is a bad comicbook. I usually try to stay positive in my reviews and really look for things to love – but I have been unable to achieve that with this book. Perhaps – PERHAPS – this book could find a suitable audience in the under-10s demographic but the lack of nuance and subtlety pull the book down to a 3/10. This is for Ben 10 mega-fans and children who enjoy the cartoon only.

Rating: 3/10.

The writer of this piece was: DaveavDavid McIntyre aka (Big Dave)
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3 Comments on Review – Ben 10 #1

  1. Tristan Teasdale // January 31, 2019 at 2:39 am // Reply

    Ben 10 Defeat Villains

  2. I must agree that there are certain moments in the comics that are being overseen in the series – and we are talking about moments that somehow shape relationships between the main characters and thus, changing the way how fans see the characters. Nevertheless, the series have not been a failure but could have certainly used a little more originality in relation to the events and descriptions in the comics. One thing is for sure – the story is worth buying the comics and the DVDs. :)

  3. No, this is pretty disappointing to hardcore Ben 10 fans, too. Without having read the comic myself, if I had to guess, the biggest mistake the comic made was including Kevin and Gwen in the story. The two of them are fan favorites, but they’re no longer regulars on the show and their presence takes away from the Buddy Cop dynamic Ben and Rook share, and that dynamic is pretty much what Omniverse runs on. The series should have kicked off with a Ben and Rook story to get a feel for the franchise they’re playing in before trying to capitalize on the popular cameos.
    I’ll be buying the comic anyway, and crossing my fingers that the writers just need some time to find their footing in this universe. If things eventually do smooth out and improve, I hope you’ll give the series a second chance. :)

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