“Decompressed: The Young Avengers – After Party” panel at Thought Bubble notes

1384468934So as it was already well publicized that fan favorite title The Young Avengers would be coming to an end after issue 15 it was clear that Thought Bubble’s panel on the “After Party” aka the last arc in the current run would be popular. But the intimate room provided was packed, Dotted throughout were the obligatory Kid Loki and Hawkeye cosplayers thus demonstrating the appeal of Young Avengers. In fact at times I felt at 25 years a little shall we say out of zeitgeist as the crowd seemed largely youthful.

The panel for the event was somewhat brief but included of course Keiron Gillen who seemed to almost revel in said atmosphere intimate like a comic pied piper and hardly remained static as opposed to his colleagues, He was joined by frequent collaborator Artist Jamie Mckelvie,  Colorist Matt Wilson and a host of guests (Ming Doyle,  Annie Wu, Joe Quinones, Becky Cloonen  and Christian Ward) who have joined in on this final arc with the exception of Emma Vielli instead being substituted with a paper effigy.

What can we tell you about this hot project?, Absolutely nothing!… You see everyone within the room was made to pinky promise. But from the details given The scope of this arc sounded ambitious for what is the end of a relatively short lived book and as opposed to being drawn out over a prolonged time period will be centered around the one night, But that is a given with a name like “Afterparty”.

Of interest as noted by Keiron was that initially he and Jamie intended to do an X-Men and Young Avengers crossover at the inception of the Young Avengers. Although it sounds as though his first idea has changed from the artwork that was released previously [SEE: Main Picture] it would seem at least in part the Younger of Marvel’s mutants will be in the title. Jamie expanded on this that the process of drawing the artwork for this one has been laborious even with the collaboration on the end issue.

When questions were opened up these included; Why are the characters always ‘getting off with each other’/making out particularly in Gillen’s current run?, To which his answer was that it added a layer of believably given that is how relationships tend to play out in life so that should translate over to say the likes of Noah Var and Kate “Hawkeye” Bishop.

This also tied in similarly with another question “how much control the team have over a character from another book” such as How he and Matt Fraction can reconcile both versions of Kate Bishop. These lines of contact are kept pretty open with major chances being flagged between writers.

One response that was met with an uncertain response was if Marvel have further plans with the characters and it was even joked by Gillen that they all die in the end. However one thing that is certain is that Young Avenger’s has hit big with those younger readers [and old] that are so coveted by the big comic companies. It’s impact could be seen throughout the convention with a the team being a favorite among cosplay enthusiasts and the fact that anywhere Gillen, McKelvie and Wilson went whether it be the panel or signing was mobbed. With that kind of interest it is hard to see Marvel not look to generate further stories but for now it is definitely an end to Young Avenger’s by Gillen, Mckelvie and Wilson.

Expect issue 15 to hit shelves January 8, 2014.

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  1. I don’t know…a bar/nightclub for superheroes to unwind sounds good to me!

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