Review – Transformers: Robots In Disguise #23 (Dark Cybertron Part 3 Of 12)

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Publisher: IDW Publishing
Words: John Barber and James Roberts
Pictures: Atilio Rojo and James Raiz
Release Date: 27th November 2013

Dark Cybertron continues! We’re at the quarter-way mark in what is shaping up to be the most expansive Transformers event ever and at this point even I am sick of hearing me gush over these books but gush I must!

After the more character-focused issue last week, this week we have a nice mix of plot-advancement and little character beats. So far each issue has given everyone a little moment to shine and RiD #23 is no exception. We have more than one character stepping up to the plate of leadership and it’s about time too. Both the characters in question have had their story-arcs seemingly building to this point and it’s good to see them both get a chance to prove their worth (or in one case, a second chance.) The addition of Beast Wars characters to the cast has proved to be more than a novelty and I’ll be damned if we don’t get both Rhinox showing up in Dark Cybertron and a Rattrap action figure on the shelves by the end of next year. Repainting/Remolding the current Metroplex figure into the monolithic Necro-Titan seems too obvious for Hasbro to pass up too. Getaway and Brainstorm continue to be the most entertaining characters in the book (no small feat in a book that counts Swerve among it’s cast members) and getting the two of them in a room together sparks so much potential for witty banter that James Roberts must feel like a kid in a candy shop.

The art is still consistently top-notch. I’ve found Starscreams new head to be somewhat lackluster – call me old fashioned but I’m more fond of his blocky side-vents G1 head, this rounded helm he’s currently sporting just doesn’t seem very Screamer-ish to me but that’s hardly the fault of the artists, given that it’s based on his new toy. Raiz’s pages are still darker and grittier than what we’re used to with the Lost Light crew but it adds a sense of foreboding and consequence to the actions taking place. The double page spread in this issue seems somewhat misused. It does little to advance the story and while the spectacle is eye pleasing I can help but feel it could have been better served as a single splash page although at this point I’m nit-picking.

While Shockwaves plan still seems somewhat vague we’ve got 9 issues of Dark Cybertron to go so to be expecting big answers by the end of act 1 seems ill-advised. I can find very little to fault here, but it’s lacking the blow-your-socks-off factor that previous MTMTE and RiD issues have had but the potential is absolutely there. It’s still as inaccessible to the uninitiated as the previous two chapters but I’m going to take that as par for the course from here on out. As a lifelong Transformers fan it fills me with glee to be able to hold up these books as examples of excellent comicbooks.

Rating: 8/10.

The writer of this piece was: DaveavDavid McIntyre aka (Big Dave)
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