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A few of the admins were having a chat about the differences between the Walking Dead tv show and the comic with Greg offering his opinion that the former has been so watered down it’s almost unrecognisable from the source material.

I also noticed an earlier post about some controversy from the Killing Joke resurfacing again and it got me wondering, just how effective are shock tactics in fiction?

When I was just getting started with comics one of the first titles I picked up was Chosen (American Jesus) by Mark Millar and I’d say that prior to The Walking Dead that was the last comic that really shocked me because I was young and naive enough not to see the twist coming nor to anticipate the depravity it discussed.

The walking dead has been such an unrelenting cavalcade of horror and violence that whilst I’m reading it I find myself waiting for the next act of violence. It’s still gruesome of course, but not shocking because well; I’m surprised that there’s anyone left at this point.

Going back a few decades though and developments like the death of Jason Todd used to be so controversial that readers would be stunned by the development and the ramifications felt for years. Now we have a “pfft, they’ll be back inside 2 years” attitude.

So, what do you think, as an audience have we become unshockable, What was the last thing that really took you by surprise and to the edge of your chair?

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Article: Mug of Duff
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