Samii’s Thought of the Week: “See, the problem with a Wonder Woman movie is…”

Hi folks, this is a big thought of the week, so please bare with me. This subject has a very dear place in my heart and I want to share it with you all.

Being a woman in the film industry is hard. Extremely hard. The industry has always been a very male fronted area, for those that work behind the scenes and those that work in front of it. In the Academy Award winners history since it began in 1975, only four female directors have been nominated for best director, and only one has won it. In 2013, across all 19 categories, there were only 35 females nominated, and 140 males. This includes no females nominated for directing, film editing, writing, music, or cinematography.

‘Trinity’ By Kate Beaton

I’m not flinging these facts at you to say that this needs to change right now and that women deserve more, but just to open your eyes into the vast difference between males and females in the industry. I’m trying to show you that all decisions for female led movies will always, 99% of the time, be made through a male perspective.

This is where female comic hero movies come into play. They simply don’t think it can work because of that facts lay before you which is daunting and sad for anyone trying to change the notion that female fronted characters can work and are a huge success. Trying to get this through to the media and the filming industry is a very long and hard process to keep up with, with many pitfalls along the way. Trying to get male directors, script writers, and CEOs of huge filming companies involved in a production this huge that could make or break female lead movies is a massive change for them and they are just unwilling to do it. But they are so very wrong. The Hunger Games is one of the highest selling movies of all time, and has a female lead, the Alien movies are another hugely grossing series, and even in the week passed the new Disney movie ‘Frozen’ has topped the charts. It’s not the factor of the lead characters anymore as everyone knows it can be done, and has been done time and time again, but it’s the factor that the higher-ups don’t recognize what has been done with these movies, they just recognize the money.

‘Head Office’ by Kate Beaton

Then there are the viewers. The people like you and me who go and spend their movie in the cinemas, or in shops for things they want to see or buy. Women make up 51% of cinema goers, and both men and women read and buy Wonder Woman comics or memorabilia. She is a staple in the comic community, and to be honest, not just her, every female character written in comics that are loved dearly by the fans have contributed something to someone.

So you see, the ‘problems’ with the Wonder Woman movie isn’t that she doesn’t have a good story, or they don’t understand how she will work on the big screen, it is simply that the executives don’t want to take on such a strong lead in comics as they have seen too much money coming in from the strong male leads like Batman and Superman that they don’t want to lose out on it. We have to unite and convince them that female leads are great, and if they only at least try something out they will get a huge response from fans. If they can see the greatness in Katniss, why can’t they see it in Diana.

It has just been released that she will be making an appearance in the upcoming Batman/Superman movie which is brilliant, but a character of this magnitude needs her own movie, her own big screen debut.

Sorry if I have waffled on a lot about this, but it really is something that must be said, we have to get these facts and figures out there as the industry needs to change.

Stay Shiny folks,

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Article: Samii’s Thought of the Week
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