Credit Where It’s Due: Bryan Singer

bryan-singer-x-men-first-class-2Okay, first of all, let’s just put ‘Superman Returns’ out of our minds, because this post is really about Singer’s work on the X-Men franchise.

A few months ago, Hugh Jackman said in an interview that Bryan Singer ‘invented the superhero movie’. Now, we know that’s not really true, as there had been numerous superhero films before Singer threw his hat into the ring, but I think what he DID do was prove that super-teams and ensemble casts could be done on the big screen, and in doing so he paved the way for other studios to build entire multi-million dollar franchises around various heroes.

Despite the varying quality of the films, Avengers, and X-Men are now powerhouses at the cinema, and with Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy coming next year, not to mention more Avengers, an X-Force movie, and a Fantastic Four reboot on the way, you can still be damn sure that Singer did it all first, and X-Men is still a damn good superhero team movie.
His tweet a couple of days ago simply said ‘#X-men #Apocalypse 2016!’. That for me is the biggest movie news I’ve heard all year. Yeah I like the stuff Marvel is putting out, but I really thought the last couple of movies they released were total ballsacks. There is very little any of the other studios could possibly announce that would interest me more than an X-men/Apocalypse film at this point. The potential is just too great, and with Singer handling the film, I’m all in.

Obviously some folks may disagree here, so feel free to sound off in the comments and let me know where you stand on Singer’s work.

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