Battlestar Galactica: Starbuck #2 (Dynamite)

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Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Eman Casallos
Release Date: 11th December 2013

I’ll admit that my knowledge of Battlestar Galactica is limited, but I definitely remember enough of the classic series to know who Starbuck is, and to understand the potential this miniseries should have.

This second issue has pretty much nothing to do with the events of the first, as we jump ahead by 10 yahrens (that’s years to you and me), and that’s the biggest problem. This feels like the first issue in a series, and it seems the first installment really only served to re-introduce some characters who, although still relevant here, are now absent, and clearly just used as weak plot devices.

BSG: Starbuck looks okay, and Eman Cassallos’s artwork serves its purpose, but none of the panels are particularly striking enough to save the book from the capable-yet-uninteresting script.

Unfortunately, writer Tony Lee has really missed a trick with this comic. What could have been a great origin story about a great character has simply become a run-of-the-mill sci-fi story that just happens to include Starbuck.

Rating: 5/10.

The writer of this piece was: AlavAlan Shields aka (Al) You can also find Al on Facebook

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