Review – Doc Savage #1 (Dynamite)

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Publisher: Dynamite
Writer: Chris Roberson
Artist: Bilquis Evely
Release Date: 11th December 2013

For a character that is as influential as Doc Savage he has had a rough innings in his many years. Being passed from company to company as though he was a joint as a party but then again so many of the Pulpy characters do tend to do this[Think Conan or the Green Hornet]. So it seems as thought Dynamite would be natural fit to continue his legend giving their licensed properties incorporate quite a few golden age icons.

For a first issue there are absolutely no problems at all following it, We have a derring do hero who is a genius in almost every field. At times it seems a little too simplistic but this is clearly the intent to contextualize Doc as he would have been back in the time he is from. But when it comes to writing bygone heroes this is what Roberson does best, He did after all recently write “Masks” for Dynamite.

And speaking of the time he is from, The illustration by Bilquis has a specifically authentic feel, Men look tough and cars look fancy.

But the main recent I like this is that it synthesizes all the Doc Savage qualities that others have liberally borrowed throughout the years fully. Think Buckaroo Bonzai in Indiana Jones’s clothes and that is exactly what he should be and for an opening issue that is what we are given.

Rating: 8/10.

The writer of this piece was: GARYav
Gary Kane aka (GK)
Article: Where are They Now (Prev: Under The Influence)
GK tweets from @Kanoclassic

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