Venom and Sinister Six Spinoff Movies are CONFIRMED by Sony Pictures

The Original Venom: Eddie Brock, Will he be the movie version?

The Original Venom: Eddie Brock, Will he be the movie version?

This will shock just about no one, Even we pointed out that the trailer gave the game away and this has been on top of the fact for months fans have speculated as much possibly even  years if you count since Spider-Man 3. But Venom will finally be getting a spin off movie and not only that so will the Sinister Six thus confirming Sony’s expanded Spider-Man universe.

CBM reported the news that indeed Columbia president: Doug Belgrad and President of the studio: Hannah Minghella have confirmed the moves. With a team made up of Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci, Jeff Pinkner, Ed Solomon, and Drew Goddard under the watchful eye of Avid Arad and Matt Tolmach are to shaping these pictures.

What is interesting to note is that of those names is Drew Goddard, Just last week was confirmed to heading up Marvel Studio’s Netflix exclusive: Daredevil show, As Rodney King once said “Can’t well all just get along?“.

So now the speculation and there will be lot’s of it can begin about who will be the man attached to the symbiote?, Will Carnage be a villain? or will Venom be the villain. This is also a bold move because previously superhero movies have centred around the hero and now we know there are plans for one movie with several villains as the leads, It is certainly a bold move to say the least.

What can be assumed and has been hinted at (LIKE CRAZY) is that Amazing Spider-Man 2 will be the catalyst for this, So you will have to wait till May 14th of next year to see.

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