Christmas on Infinite Earths – BCP’s Top 10 Holiday Gift Ideas

Love it or hate it, it’s that time of year when people get high on the drug that is Christmas.  So with that in mind, Team BCP have compiled a list for what to get that most awkward of person to buy for – The Geek. These are our personal suggestions, which also may or may not have been chosen from things we’d absolutely love to receive ourselves *cough*.

So have a look at our ideas and see what sparks your imagination, or even what makes you want to email Santa immediately to request some of this awesome swag for yourself!

Al’s pick: Transformers Generations Metroplex
Price: £130+ / $130+ (approx.)


Some would say this is an odd choice for me, because A) I don’t really collect toys, and B) I’m not a big Transformers fan. That said, I did have a decent number of the toys as a kid, and they are easily one of the greatest toy lines ever created. Every now and then, you see something that just blows you away, and for me, the Transformers Generations Metroplex figure is definitely one of those things. I saw one of these bad boys in the flesh at New York Comic Con back in October, and I was awestruck. The toy is about 2 feet tall, and looks awesome in all modes. I even sent a letter to Santa!

Tip for UK shoppers: Look at the US and UK prices.

Ceej’s Pick: Batman Black & White Statues
£19 – £350+ / $12.50 – $600 (depending on rarity.)


For my suggestion, I haven’t gone for a specific item but rather an entire range of items that I feel any of would make a terrific gift for the Batman fan in your life. Spinning out of the original DC anthology series, the ‘Batman Black & White’ statue range features an impressive variety of artists’ impressions of Bats, and – to be blunt – some of them are absolutely bloody fantastic.

They also do a fine line in villains, so if you always wanted a Joker by Brian Bolland, Greg Capullo or Jim Lee (and to be honest, who doesn’t?), then these are definitely for you.

Chris’ Pick: Sandman Omnibus Hardcovers
£60+ each / $80+ Each (approx)


My gift of the year would have to be the Sandman Omnibus Hardcovers. I mean who doesn’t love massive, gorgeous, leather bound books?! The series has always been something I’ve held close and the copies I currently own are so tattered from lending and rereading that I think its time to upgrade. Also, with the new series coming out sporadically, what better time to get reacquainted? I guess if I’m getting the books I may as well get matching Dream/Death bookends to hold the piece together, eh?

Daves Pick: TFC Uranos Set (Unofficial Superion)
Price: £300+ / $499.95


Huh, so Al picked Metroplex. Yeah, that’s a nice figure and all but being the sites resident TF expert I decided to go a bit more… elaborate. TFC blew the Transformers fan-scene away when they released their modern interpretation of Devastator a couple years ago and now they’re back at the combiner game, this time with a re-imagined (and completely unlicensed) version of the classic Autobot gestalt SUPERION. Silverbolt, Air Raid, Slingshot, Fireflight and Skydive all receive new alt modes based on real-life jets. Not only that but their ‘bot modes are now stacked full of articulation – but let’s face it, if you’re dropping fat stacks on this bad boy you aren’t going to be displaying the Aerialbots in vehicle or robot mode – you’re going to have him in his COLOSSAL combined mode. He may not be quite as tall as Hasbro’s Metroplex (and rightly so) but he towers over your other official Transformers with each individual limb being roughly the size of a Voyager class toy.

Third Party toys are for serious collectors only, which is reflected in the price but the whole package is more than worth it. I mean, just look at the lashings of paint on this guy!  If you’re a Transformers fan and you’ve been digging Superions appearances in IDWs Robots in Disguise then splash the cash on this luxury item this Christmas – you may not be able to afford food for a month but who needs to eat when you have this amazing combiner on your shelf?

Gary’s Pick: SDCC 2013 Legacy Power Morpher
Price: £300+ / $500+


OK so you know who was THEE badass of the mid 90’s if you were in my age group; Tommy Oliver. Up until that point the Power Rangers were fairly clean cut and the show was often a monster of the week type set up. Up until that point Jason the leader and clean cut fella was a hero to boys across the globe but in came Tommy with his dragon shield and dagger and he literally bitch slapped Jason and the other rangers out of the Megazord, This led to a stint with the team after he had overcome the evil spell he was under but he was seen as a lone wolf trying to repent for his misdeeds before a complicated series of events seen him lose his powers when they [Saban] ran out of Japanese footage of the Green Ranger as the Green Ranger had died in the Japanese Zyuranger show, but then the makers spliced in footage of the White Ranger from a separate show thus cementing him as the guy to be.

Now if you happened to pick up the Toys R Us exclusive Die Cast Legacy Morpher you will know yourself that you are limited to the original five power coins (T-Rex/Red, Mastodon/Black, Pterodactyl/Pink, Saber-tooth Tiger/Yellow and Triceratops/Blue). This is in spite of the fact that it isn’t cheap itself coming in at around £50 so that just adds to the uniqueness of this SDCC exclusive of which only 1000 were produced in celebration of 20 years of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers hitting screens (in the US, It debuted in UK in ’94 GEEKFACT).  There are plans to release a diecast version of it soon but what really makes this a must have is that it is plated in 24K gold, So not exactly a toy for letting the kids play with.

Small quantities can be frequently found on Ebay and Amazon but almost always demand a premium so don’t expect to get this for anything less than £300.

Greg’s Pick: Batman ’66 Action Figures
Price: £20 each / $15 each (approx)

Click to enlarge.

I have gone more modest compared to the other guys, sure to have that rare item may make you feel special but I mean, who wouldn’t want these??, ‘Surf’s Up’ Batman… BATMAN IN BOARDSHORTS!, And they’re also proper sized figures so none of this 4 inch GI JOE figure sized nonsense.

Jamie’s Pick: Deadpool premium format figure by Sideshow Collectibles
Price: £323+ / $399.99+ depending on availability.


Only 1250 of these were made and almost all have been snapped up by eager collectors making them pretty hard to come by but take one look at this statue and tell me it’s not awesome. The figure comes with a BUTTLOAD of accessories including changeable head and a rubber chicken….y’know, for when guns and swords just ain’t enough. Also available soon is the pretty sweet X-Factor Variant but that one won’t be available till July 2014 so this one will hafta tide y’all over till then.

Samii’s Pick: Lego Tower of Orthanc
Price: £169.99 / $238.99 (approx.)

Lego: Tower of Orthanc

Now if you don’t want this then something is wrong with you. From the amazing Lord of the Rings sets that Lego have, they have brought out the Tower of Orthanc. You can build this in your own home to admire and love. You build through all six floors of the tower and each one has brilliant detail, including Saruman’s throne room. I mean, you have the patience of a Saint to get it finished but it’ll seriously be worth it when you’re done!

I have been admiring this one for months and it will be mine one day, but for now if you need a great gift for any fan of LOTR and The Hobbit then this is perfect.

Stu’s Pick: IDW Publishing: Transformers the Collections
Price:  £30 (approx.) / $49.99 (exact)


Since we’re just stepping into IDWs first crossover event since Robots in Disguise and More than Meets the Eye began, who wouldn’t want to go back and see what kicked it off? If you don’t mind shelling out a bit of cash then you can pick them up online or in specialist shops. I’ve already bought volumes one and two but if someone wanted to get me volume three then I’d be a very happy man.

Team Pick: Yorkhill Children’s Charity Toy Drive
Price: Various.

As there’s only nine of us, for our tenth pick we decided to go in a bit of a different direction. Christmas is the season of giving after all, so with all the amazing gifts you guys and gals are likely to get this year, why not take an opportunity to give a little back?

As you’ll no doubt have heard, we’re running a charity Toy Drive for Yorkhill Children’s Charity from now until the 22nd of December, so if you feel like contributing, drop by Geek Retreat in Glasgow and pop in your donation. And if you’re struggling for ideas, take a look at the Wish List supplied to us by the hospital. We have suggestions for all ages and all budgets.




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