Credit Where It’s Due: ‘Transformers Spotlight: Cliffjumper’

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Hello all, I hope you had a lovely Christmas. A short one this week.

I got a Kindle Fire for Christmas and decided to catch up on a whole bunch of digital stuff I have been planning to read for a while. IDW’s Transformers series is on that list, and aside from the pretty great ‘Autocracy’, the Cliffjumper ‘spotlight’ issue has been a real highlight so far. Robby Musso’s artwork is especially gorgeous, and although the story is nothing original, the issue is full of great scenes that really nail the character. My fellow admins Stu and Big Dave probably think I’m a noob as I’m so far behind, but this particular issue was a highlight of my friday. Highly recommended reading!

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The writer of this piece was: AlavAlan Shields aka (Al)
You can also find Al on  Facebook

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