New Elektra Writer Announced As Haden Blackman

elHaden Blackman announced today would be stepping into the writer’s seat on Marvels new Elektra book, due for a 2014 release. It was recently announced that Zeb Wells would be stepping down from the writers duties on Elektra, leaving the book in a strange limbo with only Mike Del Mundo attached, drawing the series, but with the new addition of Batwoman co-writer, Blackman, the series appears to be back on track for an April release.

Blackman, who also wrote the video game Star Wars: Force Unleashed and other Star Wars books such as Star Wars: Republic and Darth Vader And The Lost Command, has shown a strong talent for writing female characters with the runaway series Batwoman, which he co-wrote with artist extraordinaire J.H.Williams III. In the interview he talked about taking the character in some new directions and put her in situations she might not be expected in. It will be interesting to see where Elektra, who in the past has been primarily a supporting character will go, from her past as an assassin and head of the Hand, it can only be assumed that she’ll be better equipped than most for anything Blackman decides to throw at her.

Cover to Elektra #2 by Mike Del Mundo. Click to enlarge.

Cover to Elektra #2 by Mike Del Mundo.
Click to enlarge.

As ever, Del Mundo’s art on the series looks to be sublime, if the cover to issue #2 is anything to go by, and as a fan of both Blackman and Del Mundo’s previous work, i’ll be interested to see how this one turns out.

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