Stuff and Things: NEW YEAR EDITION!

What up folks!?

Hope y’all had a happy festive period and welcome to the first Stuff and Things of 2014 (WOOOOO!)

Before we move into the new year however lets take a short re-cap of the last weeks of 2013.

We ran a toy collection for the kids at Yorkhill Hospital which was a huge success. We raised a huge amount of toys and books to donate to the kids as well as a tasty wee cash donation as well.
Christmas came and went without a hitch and I recieved a great big pile of graphic novels and blu rays which was pretty damn boss and then I celebrated new year with a couple of friends and some pizza.

The start of the year is always relatively quiet as far as comic news goes but so far it’s kicked off with a double dunt of goodness for Deadpool fans (this guy here) as they announced he’s apparently getting married (we guess to Death from the teaser) and if thats not enough he’ll be going head to head in a new mini series against Carnage. Truly playing towards internet fanboys with this one, expect Deadpool to be in full blown Wyle E. Coyote mode and it’s a good bet we’ll get at least one panel of “Carnagepool” just for giggles.

There’s been early speculation about a guardians of the galaxy animated series going into production which seems like an obvious marketing move by Marvel with the highly awaited GOTG movie due to drop in the summer. They also announced Marvel have bought the publishing rights to Star Wars essentially bringing Disneys big owned franchises under one banner. The reason I’m tying these together is the possibility of alien species from the Star Wars universe potentially cropping up and making cameos in the Marvel Galactic universe. Will we see Jedi’s joining the Avengers on earth for some epic crossovers? It’s still a way off and purely speculation on my part but it’s probably a safe bet that a crossover between the two universes would be a money spinner.

I hit the level cap on DC Universe Online with my main hero but I’m now struggling to progress any further without help. The expanded high level missions are too much for one person to handle alone so if anyone plays on PS4 and are lookin to team up on some challenges add my network tag J-Lethal-1983.


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